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Dec 19, 2012 11:00am PST
property in connecticut. this five-bedroom home has a guest house, pool and even a virtual golf course. >> hi. i'm mac patterson, architect for this project in darrion, connecticut at 112 pear tree point. i'm excited to show you around, so let's go take a look. this home is located on two acres overlooking the harbor in darian, connecticut. consisting of 7,500 square feet, our design approach on the project was to evoke a 1900s cottage on the water. ♪ the family room is really the core of the entire house. it has access to the front porch, tremendous bar at the back of the room. fireplace, tv set and, of course, at the end of it, the view. ♪ >> the dining room is a nice-sized room. comfortable for the expanded family meals. but what i really find interesting about the room is the glass wall between the family room and the dining room, which provide views to the water. ♪ one of the requirements was an extensive outside kitchen with two types of barbecues, smokers, refrigerators, the rear yard as well has a swimming pool, spa, covered porch, outside fireplace. ♪ this is the guest
Dec 18, 2012 11:00am PST
connecticut home with a unique amenity. and up next, tips for having a stress free holiday. >>> welcome back to "open house." now the experts an american express are showing you what to do to enjoy a stress-free holiday season. i'm here are emily kaufman, the travel mom. we're at the beautiful and festive palace hotel. she's going to give us tips on how to take the stress out of our holiday travel season. now, leaving your home for an extended period of time is stressful enough. add the holidays to that, it's a headache waiting to happen. >> hopefully not. one way amake it more enjoyable is by joining loyalty programs. i use the american express platinum card and enjoy benefits like membership rewards points which have no blackout dates when you want to redeem them. >> i know the holidays and saving mustn't don't usually go hand in hand, but do you have any tips for us? >> there are some ways to stretch your travel dollar. and one of them is to use the american express platinum card. you get the $200 airline credit to be used for checking baggage and in-flight food and entertainment. plus yo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2